QuadC is a dynamic group that was formed by engineering professionals to address specific needs that were identified in most daily business activities. We found that there were some common problems that always seemed to hamper progress towards business goals, regardless of the size or type of the company.

QuadC has three main areas of business specialization: Computer and Network Consulting, Complete Design Services, and Product Development and Production.

The Computer and Network Consulting group provides all types of computer and network services to small and medium-sized businesses or independent workgroups that do not have the need for a full time computer support person but still want to have consistent professional service.

Large number of supported platforms - We provide support of a wide range of networks, computer systems, and applications. Platforms we support include operating systems from Microsoft and Apple, along with numerous Linux distributions.

Complete service portfolio - We can provide any networking services from planning, installation, configuration, and support. Network sizes may range from a few computers in a single office sharing a printer and some files to a number of interconnected offices being served as if they were one single network with a wide range of resources.

Applications, Training, and Solutions - We can provide application planning and training to meet the need of your specific situation. Common office productivity suites to complete vertical market packages can be custom tailored to your needs, complete with training.

The Complete Design Services group provides short and long-term engineering staffing with a wide variety of expertise. Areas we can support include:

Software - from small, self contained Embedded Designs through medium Embedded and Conventional Applications to larger Systems Software Design;

Hardware - Electronic and Mechanical Hardware Design, PCB Design and Layout;

Product - Industrial Design, Human Factors, and Ergonomic Engineering; and

Project - Complete Project Management from start to finish, or interim services.

We maintain a small staff of full time people to address immediate needs, as well as having access to a suprising pool of unique talents that are available for short term but very specialized needs.

The Custom Product Development group provides complete turnkey product development and manufacturing. We can develop a product to specification, provide prototype quantity devices quickly, and grow the product to a full manufacturing production line. Areas we specialize in include:

Consumer Devices - high volume Electronics, Security and Home Automation systems;

Commercial Systems - Building automation and security, factory automation and testing; and

Computer Solutions - Custom Office Networking devices and custom computer systems.

We have developed and produced products ranging from small controllers with a display and a few buttons up through common business computer systems with voice recognition to networked vision recognition multiprocessing computer systems with performance that would have been unreachable even a few years ago.

We have found that our work in each area is complimentary to the other areas and that knowledge gained by one group can increase the productivity and cost effectiveness of the other groups. Allow us to help remove the barriers.

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